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Unlock 30+ New Quest Types, Auto-Launch Quests, spot Sybil on your leaderboard and Ban Cheaters Across all platforms, using Domino's easy automations.

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Manual Quest Management is Draining Your Time.

Domino automates Zealy tasks, adding 30+ quest types, automating quest launches, letting you ban users across platforms, monitoring user accounts on google sheets and more. Streamline workflows with AI-powered reviews and sybil detection, boosting community growth on autopilot.

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Unlock 30+ new quest types
Domino connects Zealy with over a dozen apps and chains to enable new on- and off-chain quests for your community.
Auto-launch quests
Get consistently high engagement by launching quests every time you post on your socials: Tweets, Discord announcements, Medium articles and more.
One-click questboard launches
Launch new sprints and quest boards with pre-defined set of quests in a single click.
Auto-ban users across channels
Prevent FUD from cheaters by auto-banning them across Discord Telegram and Twitter, Galxe and other platforms whenever you ban them on Zealy.
Review screenshot proof with GPT-4o
Stop wasting endless hours reviewing screenshots submitted by your users. Let us help you automate screenshot reviews with GPT-4o automations.
Award XP automatically
Remove the friction of quest claiming by awarding your users passive Zealy XP whenever they react to DIscord announcement, send a Meme, stay active in chat and more!

Automations that launch quests for you

Launch New Quests Automatically

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually setting up quests, and hello to consistent, high engagement across socials. Domino lets you Create a Like & Retweet quest whenever you Tweet, a react on Discord quest for each announcement, and more, all automatically.

Launch a "Like & Retweet" Zealy Quest for each new Tweet

Boost Twitter engagement by automatically creating Zealy quests that require users to like and retweet your tweets.

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Launch a "React on Discord" Zealy Quest for each new Announcement

Encourage your community to engage with Discord announcements by automatically rewarding them for reactions through Zealy quests!

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Export Zealy Data to Google Sheets

Monitor Sybil and Export Leaderboards

Get more control over your data by exporting Claims and Sprint Leaderboards with detailed user accounts and data to Google sheet. Monitoring Sybil and distributing rewards has just become a lot easier.

Export Zealy Leaderboard to Google Sheets

Automatically export your Zealy leaderboard data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for easy tracking and analysis.

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Log Zealy Quest Claims to Google Sheets

Automatically document every Zealy quest claim in a Google Sheets spreadsheet for easy tracking and management.

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Automations that review quests for you

Unlock 30+ New Quests for Your Community

Automate your quest reviews on Zealy with our pre-built automations. Each automation is built to review a popular Zealy quest type, so you never waste another hour reviewing manually.

React to Discord Announcement

Get more Discord engagement from your community by automatically rewarding them for reacting on Discord announcements through Zealy quests!

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Add Word to your Discord Name

Boost your brand's reach on Discord by rewarding Zealy users for having branded words in their Discord name.

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Add Word to your Twitter Name

Boost your brand's reach on Twitter by rewarding Zealy users for having your emojis (❤️,🤖) in their Twitter name.

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Add Word to your Twitter Bio

This automation reviews Zealy quests that requires the User to have a certain word in their Twitter bio.

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Tag Influencers under Tweet

Validate your Zealy quest automatically, by checking the follower count of tagged users under a tweet.

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Tweet something Bullish about us

This automation reviews "Tweet something positive about X project", using GPT-4.

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Hold ERC20 Token

Automatically Review your Zealy quests that require the user to hold a token

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Hold an NFT

Automatically Validate your Zealy quests that require the user to hold an NFT

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